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Removing Smog Density from Outdoors with a Coating

Air pollution is taking a significant toll on the environment and people. Towns and cities are choked with smog and another dangerous gas emission. A dense layer of gas, mixed with huge percentage of smoke, nitrogen oxide, VOC, fuel emission, and particulate matter are becoming a major cause of inconsistency in the air around us. Fortunately, there’s an eco-friendly solution for Smog removal! Eliminate the Smog from the public and private space, TiPE is introducing the nano-photocatalytic coating developed from solar energy and nanoparticles!

Eliminate the accumulation of smog in the environment; reduce its occurrence or lesser the percentage of pollutants by applying the unique ant-smog coating on vehicles, buildings or road. The nano-photocatalytic coating is safe, reliable and eco-friendly smog removal technique. This methodology involves a photocatalytic oxidation reaction between pollutants like VOC, nitrous oxide and other agents in the presence of sunlight and nanoparticles. Energy from the sun decomposes the chemically inert components into organic components like hydrogen and carbon dioxide. A photochemical oxidation reaction occurs when nitrogen or sulphur oxide comes in contact with the smog removal coating. It decomposes the particles in the presence of nano-particles, which does not harm the people and surrounding. Above that, it offers long lasting effect as the reaction goes on without any interruption. Cost of maintenance for government properties, like roads, public transports and buildings also reduce, as you do not have to paint it again and again. Applying Smog removal coating on personal vehicles and residential building will be a great contribution to the environment. You can take advantage of its self-cleaning properties, anti-mold and mildew function, and air purification properties. Use the advanced Nano-photocatalytic coating for smog-free air public places, allowing people to breathe and experience clean air for free.




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