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Neglected for many years, nitrous oxide emissions are now coming under scrutiny by regulators since nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas, some 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide and is implicated in the destruction of the ozone layer and causing climate disaster, e.g. EL Nino,photochemicalhaze weather. For these reasons, the elimination of NOx from automobile exhaust and industrial activities can make an important contribution to the protection of the earth’s climate. Our nitrous oxide emission treatment provides an effective solution to address this serious issue. Our nano photocatalyst technology now provides a new solution to remove the NOx in the atmosphere economically and environmentally friendly. Due to the nano photocatalytic coating developed, photocatalyst can not only be used to produce catalytic filter for NOx but also to be applied on the road and its auxiliary facilities to react with the NOx in atmosphere 24/7. 

The photocatalytic reaction can also destroy various VOCs from car exhaust, which might cause the photochemical pollution, the PM2.5 reading will be decreased accordingly. Our nano-coating will also save a lot for the public maintenance cost of the road and its auxiliary facilities, i.e. sound barrier, crash barrier, because it combines the self-cleaning, anti-mildew features together with the NOx removal function, which makes the NOx removal cost almost come to zero. The maintenance cost decreasing by applying the coating for self-cleaning and anti-mildew purposes might be enough to cover the application cost already, so in fact, the governments don’t pay extra cost for the NOx removal function anymore. These facts make nano photocatalytic coating technology an ideal and almost free solution for the implementation of a carbon trading project under the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol.




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