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Control Cross Infection with Nano-Photocatalytic Coating

Many of the hospitals, medical patients and medical practitioner suffer from bacterial or viral infections, due to the physical transfer of disease-causing germs and bacteria through person or object. This is a cross infection in medical terms, which is obviously not ignorable. Usually spread of infection occurs, when you are in contact with a contaminated body. However, in cross-infection transfers of infection happens between people, pieces of equipment or within the body due to improper maintenance of hygiene and following the regular norms of disinfection in a hospital or any public space. For those infection-prone areas or equipment, use of cross-infection control coating is a must-have.

Adding the benefits of nanoparticles with photo-catalytic oxidation reaction, TiPE has introduced anti-microbial coating that can combat the spread of cross-infection in any space. Take advantage of the advanced disinfecting and self-cleaning properties of a nano-photocatalytic coating; find a better scope to restrict the growth of germs and infections in a hygiene-critical environment. Paint the walls and medical equipment with the coating for cross-infection control, so that further expansion and multiplicity of disease-causing microorganisms can be restricted.

We have utilized the properties of nanoparticles with sunlight and photochemical oxidation to break the microorganism in their early stage. So, that further multiplicity of bacteria and virus including their mutants such as MRSA, SARS, H5N1, are impossible. The photocatalyst just completely destroys the bacteria and virus, not just killing them. The performance of the coating may last longer, as the process keeps in going in the sunlight. There’s no need for regular maintenance or repainting, which may cost around thousands of dollars at a time. Meanwhile, the nano-photocatalytic coating can eliminate bad odor and smells from the indoor, reducing the chances of any respiratory disorder in patient.

Cross-infection control is necessary. So, get it done from the experts of TiPE only!




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