Who We Are

We are innovative company hammering away at nano technology in real life.
We believe the nano technology is the power drives the future.


TiPE™ is a leading nano science-based company active in catalyst, bactericide, optical and high performance sol materials. By connecting its unique competences in Nano Sciences and Materials Sciences, TiPE is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable mutual success for all of our partners and customers simultaneously. We delivers innovative and advanced solutions that improve performance in global markets such as food and agriculture producing, personal care, health, medical devices, automotive, transportation, construction, building maintenance, historic preservation, paints, public services, alternative energy and nano-based functional materials.

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We have the most advanced hydro-synthetic photocatalytic material producing line in China. The plant locates in Shanghai , East China. We are the certified nano advanced material manufacturer approved by STCSM(Science & Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality). In the past 10 years, we keep improving our technologies and hold the leading position in photocatalytic coating industry of China. Our advanced core-technologies in nano field keep developing our unique and sustainable competitive strength of multi-fields in international market.

TiPE has the most diversified products in the nano photocatalytic material business. The mature and leading manufacturer technologies contribute the high quality and performance products to all the clients worldwide in multi-fields.

Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to make the nano technology improve human’s life not only in lab but also in practice. We believe by providing higher quality products, we are able to change human’s life and future.

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